The power of a word

A word

What motivates you? I seemed to have lost my mojo… I am looking very hard for it, but anxiety, stress, lack of sleep have been victors in my quest of late.

I will not be defeated, and I am fighting hard to get back to myself. I went to bed early. I picked up food and vitamins from my coaches. I called and am going to working with a trainer who is versed in IP life! I have been talking to trained folks who can help me…

All the pieces are in place. Something was still missing… My determination. Here is the truth… Taking the first step is a really good first step… But you have to keep taking steps forward. Damn it!

I needed my trigger mechanism, or power button if you will. I wrote the word enough on my arm. I am enough, I have enough. Those are the positive meanings of the word. My strength also comes from what this word means… ENOUGH… I am done with the crap… ENOUGH… I can not let fear and anxiety rule my life. That didn’t work before, and neither did stuffing my face.

This is free, it is not permanent, I can change my button if needed… But right now… That is enough.



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