The best gift to give yourself

It is so easy to get so wrapped up in getting everything wrapped up at the end of the year.

Christmas presents are more important than being present. Taking 24 hours and dividing it so work gets 10 hours, family gets 2-3 hours, chores that must get done daily are given 2 hours. Now we add 2-3 hours of social time and bam… Your 24 hours is down to 8. Somehow in those 8 hours you need to find 8 hours to sleep (yeah right!) 1 hour to exercise, 1 hour to get ready to go anywhere…. And for me it takes at least an hour each way to get to work. No wonder I am exhausted all the time. I really do try and cram 28 hours into a 24 hour day… And leave zero time for myself. And if you do the math, I am only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep too.

I know that I am not unique in this. One thing I know is that those of us who wind up on IP do so because we give so much to others that we stop giving to ourselves.

Today, I am planning my weekend out. I am going to schedule my time at a slower pace. My gift to myself is time. Tomorrow I am going to meet up with a fellow IPer I have yet to meet in person… I get 30 minutes on a train to read!!!!!

I have been on a reboot for 2 weeks. I am down 5 pounds. Stress is a major factor in my life… But, I am fighting that cortisol!!! And I am winning. The secrets for me are follow protocol, get my but to my trainer (who knows my limitations and is helping me build muscle without cardio) and to remember to give myself the gift of quality time for me.

Life has a way of getting in our way.  There is always something.  Stay healthy and happy this season by giving yourself permission to relax a little and enjoy.  Best gift EVER!!!!


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