Time for a tune up.


imageAfter a life time of being a yo-yo, I am really proud of being in maintenance for 11 months.  I have battled being obese or morbidly obese my entire life.

One of the things I really love about this program is that it makes me think.  It makes me aware of small gains before they become “how the hell did that happen” gains.

Two weeks ago, my hubby and I went away.  I spent 5 glorious days in Florida, and I planned to not worry about anything.  And I stuck to that plan!  I came home and immediately went to visit my sister in Reno to celebrate her birthday, and not wanting to “inconvenience” anyone else, I ate what everyone else had.

OMG!!!!  Everything hurts.  My skin hurts, my stomach hurts, and my head hurts.  I am up 5 pounds, and that is enough for me to put a halt to the “just one bite won’t kill you” mentality.

I KNOW that t’s not all fat… my bloated belly shows that I am retaining a ton of fluid.  But I also know that it doesn’t need to be this way… and whining about it won’t fix it.  So this morning, I took my but to the trainer at 6:30am.  I had my chocolate drink mix with spinach.  I am not chowing down on my two cups of lettuce, 1 cup of broccoli, one quarter cup of tomato and some turkey.  One teaspoon Tuscan olive oil, and one quarter of a lime squeezed.

Time for a tune up… just to get my body back to its happy space. I am super carb sensitive.  It takes me a week to get to ketosis (sometimes ten days) and I have the five pound bounce back and the five pounds of vacation to take off.  Normally this would be a simple tune up, but I think I might do a full comprehensive inspection as well as a re-alignment…. Time to start getting ready for my bikini again.

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