Why can’t I remember?

Seriously, why when I am in the midst of emotional eating can I not remember the headaches, the total exhaustion, and the feeling of ick that you get when you pull all the bad stuff out of your system?

My reboot is on day 2, and if I remember correctly, I have 2 -3 more days before all is sunshine and roses.  I have chosen to do a full ketosis.

When I did phase 1 in the past, I had a goal weight of 158 (I am a bit over 5’7”.) Well, I hit that goal, and then dropped about 13 more and phased off when I hit 145.  I felt great, I liked the way I looked (for the most part… dang we are all so self-critical!)  I crept up to 151 – 152 and stayed there.  Still feel pretty good.  Then I went on vacation and gained a bit.  I came home from vacation at 158… and I felt like CRAP!!!!!

I need and want to get back to where I felt my best… so here I am.  Full out phase 1, and feeling it.  I feel squishy, and headachy, and tired, and I want comfort food… but I also want to be comfortable in a bikini… bikini wins!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s to a salad, and all the yummy things I CAN have!!!!  It has chicken, chopped up egg whites, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, and mushrooms.  Drizzled with a little EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those of you not hooked on the Food Network) I added a dash of my IP salt to help with the headache, and I am chasing it down with a bucket of water.

I am back in control, and I am really proud of myself for stopping it before it became a bigger mess to fix.  Focusing on the road ahead, and NOT the one I just veered off of.  Today I am focusing on making the next right choice for me.

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