The best laid plans

Day 3

Yippee, I am still going strong.  Making conscious decisions about my food, taking my vitamins, drinking my water, waiting patiently for the headache to go away.

Wednesdays are my long days.  I commute 76 miles to work, I have meetings all day (with 2 10 minute breaks) and leaving my desk is not in the cards.  I work from 7 – 4 without stopping, and have a 2 hour commute home. Packing and planning are my only option.

Today I packed my salad, my veggies, my bar, and my drink mix.  I did that all last night so that it would be ready to grab this morning.  Then I left for work without grabbing it, and realized it only when I arrived at work.  Fortunately, I ALWAYS keep a spare bar and a drink mix (powder) in the car. (I will need to replenish that when I get home!)

My co-worker offered to pick me up some breakfast, or a salad for lunch.  I have amazing co-workers, and they are pretty supportive of my journey.  She provided me with celery from her own lunch bag!

After having been on maintenance, not really that far from goal, it would be so easy to just eat the crap that is constantly around (you know the baked and fried goods I am referring to.) My excuses to eat it are ready, willing, and able.  Today I am standing firm and proud.  I am choosing healthy options, ones that I can feel good about.  I have my bar, my celery, and my drink mix. (I have roasted chicken breast, salad, and mushrooms and green beans for dinner!) I am not starving. I am choosing to take care of myself.

Check me out! Today I am standing strong in the face of my emotional excuses.  Thank you IP for giving me the strength to make the next right choice!

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