Believe in yourself

I have been a yo-yo dieter my ENTIRE life. I am making changes so that pattern stops.  I am doing a lot of research.  Lots and lots of reading, interviewing, and personal challenges. (Pushing myself to try new tactics.)

In my research I have found there are a few behaviors that can help determine success in maintenance. I thought I would share what I have found:

    1. Believe that you can change, even if you “fall off the wagon.” Get back up and stay motivated.
    2. Keep at it, and be patient with yourself – it is not about willpower! Willpower always gives out at some point, whereas persistence and patience will ultimately take the lead.
    3. Develop an intense desire and motivation to succeed. It’s OK to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.
    4. Eliminate excuses in order to develop a strong mental attitude, clear focus and direction.
    5. Do not use food as an emotional crutch. It’s not easy, but food is just a temporary distraction, and does not make you feel better and can potentially make you feel worse.

I am not saying this is going to be easy. I am saying it’s going to be worth it.  I know what it feels like to quit on myself.  That isn’t going to happen this time.  I am worth so much more than the pain that comes from not taking care of myself.

So if you are struggling, take a moment and think about what motivated you in the first place. If it’s wearing a bikini this summer… go buy one!  Take a deep breath, and know you can do it!  I have faith in you, it’s time you do too!

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