Kicking it up a notch

I have blogged about the changes in my life since loosing weight. I have praised IP up and down. I believe it is 100% the best program for me. I feel fantastic, my skin and hair are in great shape, my blood work is better than ever, and my muscles are strong and healthy.

I have now maintained this for well over a year… And that has never, ever happened before.

Time to set my sites on a new goal. I refuse to do any damage to the hardwork that got me here!

About a month ago I started volunteering at a yoga studio. For July and August they are doing a 60 day challenge. 60 classes in 60 days. Two years ago I would not have even considered this… Here I am, signed up and committed!!!!

So I am putting this out there. My goal is to complete the challenge and loose 2 inches off my frame (whole body) in 2 months.

I am going to enlist my coach in figuring out a nutrition plan. I have recruited friends to meet me for classes. It’s time to see what I am made of!

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