Phasing Off: Step 1, Phase 2

down ~73 pounds since 01/08/16

Can I just say, “I LOVE PHASE 2!” I had a lot of trepidatious thoughts as I was beginning the process to phase off. I was concerned if I would be successful with it. Would I gain weight back? I was losing the security of phase 1 after 6 months and entering uncharted territory, but Ladies and Gentleman, I can honestly say I am digging phase 2. I am also at 2 weeks into the phase off and I have lost an additional 5 pounds. You basically get to consume twice as much animal protein while you sacrifice an IP packet and its really nice to have a full lunch and dinner. I have found that my energy has continued to increase and I’m enjoying the process. While traditionally phase 2 is 2 weeks, I will staying in this phase for an additional week or two as I prepare for a huge master’s exit exam approaching.

While I am not ready to jump into phase 3, eek carbs!, I am enjoying the journey and excitedly looking forward to being in maintenance. Every day is a winding road and we get a little bit closer 🙂

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