Fueling a Ferrari

I was talking to someone last night about weight loss and fighting to keep it off. She came up with an analogy that hit home.

Imagine you just purchased a luxury sports car… But you are used to driving an old commuter car. You put regular gas in the sports car, and You drive it just the same. Do you think it will act like a beautiful luxury car for long?

Just because we loose the weight doesn’t mean we can go back to the same routine. You must treat your body like a luxury sports car. You must feed it the right kind of fuel, you must learn to move it and use it to release and enjoy the power and the luxury… Otherwise you just wasted time and money without ever experiencing the true benefits.

Life is too short not to seize every moment. I am powering up my day with an Ideal Protein mocha peppermint shake (chocolate drink mix, cold coffee, s/f peppermint Torani syrup, and ice).

And in keeping with my hot car feel for the day… I am heading to the drag races!!!!!! Pretty hot and fast cars…. Which will help me focus on where I want to be!!!!!

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