Healthy eating on a shoe string

Healthy eating on a shoe string

You know the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”? Too much sugar!

Being adult sometimes means you can’t have what you want RIGHT NOW! This is a fact of life, and it bites! But, here I am, stuck with adult responsibility. Fiscal accountability means everything has a price tag.

There is a great misnomer that eating healthy is expensive. I am here to tell you I am making it happen on a budget. I am feeding 3 people for under 10 per person per day… Aiming for under 8…. Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a snack.

Here are a few tips: coupons, look for sales, be prepared with a plan, plan to use leftovers, plant a garden or go make friends with someone who has a green thumb!

This week I made a dinner menu for the week to make the best use of leftovers. It also alleviates the “what do you want for dinner?” “Whatever.” Madness… Thus reducing a stressor… Yet another hint, make them help you plan!!!!! No vote, no comments!!!!!

So, here is an example of a quick, cost effective meal… All phase friendly!

I bought a family size packet of chicken sale. Sliced the chicken into thin cuts myself… Saves money and cooking time!

I squeezed a lemon off my neighbors lemon tree, and added a tiny bit of olive oil. Put it into a bowl and throw my chicken in… Keep turning it every few minutes. Heat up barbecue!

Make a salad (hello friends with lettuce and tomato plants!) I bought a big head of purple cabbage and sliced it and have it ready along with red leaf lettuce and some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes thanks to my beautiful friend Barb!

Sprinkle chicken with Montreal seasoning, and get the chicken on the Barbie! I use a grill mat… Nothing sticks! Heat for 3-4 minutes on each side…. Set the table… We ate dinner out back… Felt more decadent.

20 minutes from start to finish. Chicken was $8 and I have enough for each of us to eat for 2-3 meals… Salad cost about $1 each. Dressing can be WF, or I prefer a little olive oil, fresh squeezed lime, and a bit of salt.

Healthy choices, on a budget!

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