Bargain dinner…. Leftovers reconfigured

Bargain dinner…. Leftovers reconfigured

So I made meatballs and Spaghizza sauce for dinner on Saturday. I froze the leftovers (I made a bunch!) Tonight’s budget friendly dinner is a take on Janeva’s Pizza Burger Casserole. (Page 7 in her cookbook.)


I thawed out my meatballs (mixture ground chicken, mushrooms, and cauliflower) and added a bit of ground beef. Used the remaining sauce that I jarred last week. Added eggs and zucchini. Layered meat, the sauce, then egg/zucchini mixture.

Dinner with plenty for lunch tomorrow… Using my ingredients wisely, and being smart with my plan… (Zucchini, tomatoes, and eggs all came from Barb!). Lunch was a salad with left over chicken, breakfast was scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms…. Total budget for the day, 3 people $8.70! Yeah baby!!!!  Add a few IP products, and my food cost was still under $20 for all three of us!!!! Not too shabby!  I can do this!!!!!

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