Travels! How to do it?

We are leaving for our destination wedding in 3 days and just because we are going to an all inclusive resort, doesn’t mean I want my maintenance to end up in the dumpster. Here are some tips that I have used for traveling in the past on IP (always in phase 1-3) and now in maintenance:

  1. Pack IP products (Note: When I was in Phase 1-3 I always packed a few extra packets. If you’re starving and struggling having an extra packet is much better than indulging in something worse).
  2. I organize all my pills into a pill container for AM/PM and bring that with me.
  3. The water enhancers and the amino acids are my friends. Sure I will indulge in a few cocktails here and there, but I am a fan of adding the enhancers to sparkling water with the appearance of a fancy cocktail.
  4. Stay active! I’m in maintenance and will be swimming and hitting the gym. In phase 1-2, how about going on a nice walk?
  5. Drink your water! Lots of it. Remaining hydrated is key and it helps with feeling hungry.

These are a few of the tips that have worked for me. This will be my first adventure for a week period. Looking forward to the adventure <3

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