Finding your strength

Do you know how many diets you have tried in life?  I am not even sure for me… I have tried so many over the years.  I started dieting at the ripe old age of 8… yes, 8!

I would lose a little, get off track, throw the baby out with the bath water, gain it all back, start all over again.  IP has been a different journey.  I lost the weight… held it off for two years, got sick, put a few pounds back on… and grabbed hold of myself, used what I had learned and righted my course… WOW!!!!

For anyone new or struggling… take the time to learn to cook.  Enjoy the process… phase 1 doesn’t last forever, but the lessons you learn will!!!  If you are on Ideal Protocol, you have already accepted the challenge!  I promise, the life you get is worth it!!!!!


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