Stress and reaction

Everyday we are faced with something… big or small it puts stress on us… and if you are like me… you deal with it and THEN the massive tidal wave hits you… go eat…. most of the time I can fight through it… yesterday I didn’t.

That was yesterday.  I could sit here and pound my head against the wall… but that is just more stress.  What I need is an alternative stress release… or the pattern will just repeat.

I am giving myself a few extra minutes of cuddle time with my pooch.  I have plans to meet some friends for a good walk tonight (rain or shine!)

Trying to remind myself… life isn’t what you did yesterday… it’s about right now.  This is the moment we need to live in… Stressing out over what I did yesterday is not the direction I am facing!

Here is to a day filled with extra cuddles and probably some puddles… for which I will put on my rain boots and splash!!!!


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