How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Are you Ready to Recommit with the Help of a Coach?


It has now been eight weeks since January 1. Where are you at with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you running daily on the treadmill and still weighing the same? Around this time of year we get a huge influx of new clients because people have realized that exercise is not getting them to their goal and they need help.

Working out is great, but when it comes to body composition, what you put in your mouth will affect 80-90% of your results. You need a meal plan that is 100% structured leaving zero room for negotiating portions, calories or add ins. Healthy or not it is the accumulation of all these little extra calories or sugar grams that contribute to weight gain over time. This is where Ideal Protein can really complement those wanting to  meet their weight-loss goals before summer and transform their bodies.

Here are my tips for a success:

– Don’t dwell on the fact that you haven’t made the progress that you expected. This is why you need a plan!

– Acknowledge the unhealthy patterns you have created. That extra glass of wine, that extra cheese at night, saying yes to the chocolates. Many times we think that if we work out hard we can have a cheat. They will be hard to break up with, but … be persistent and soon you will be back in your healthy routine  and seeing fat loss on a weekly basis.  Discover your IP favorite treats.. Like barbecue chips and chocolate protein bars. You will not be suffering.

-Gather your resolve before you start. Once that glycogen tank is empty the fat just  starts melting! This is great motivation. Gather your commitment and stick with it

– Pick your plan and stick with it without a slip up. Once you allow yourself a slip up, slip ups start to come  frequently. It is much easier to just to do it. Practice saying no.. Remember the 10th no is so easy. The first no may be hard. Just tell yourself each NO gets easier. This is not about willpower, this is about discipline.

– Prepare all your food for the week on your day off. If you launch into any structured  any structured program without a plan for the week you are more likely to fail. Think back to last time.. Remember tools you used to handle the first five days.. The salt, favorite IP meal packets,  supplements,  veggies, lemon water, that 8 oz steak… My go to’s for getting into ketosis are large salads,  homemade chicken soup, lots of herbal teas,  light workload on days two and three, zoodles…and up to two extra low carb IP protein shakes per day (orange or peach mango). I never let myself get hungry. Day 6 is usually a breeze so mark your first five on a calendar, have your food ready and go for it.

–  Remember to eat at least 2 cups of vegetables and a large salad with IP dressing before 3pm. Those that do not get these in end up crashing at night due to starvation.. That is when cheats happen. Don’t mess up with dressing… we have the good stuff. Just use it and take that off your plate. Walden Farms also works.

Have at least 1 liter of water as soon as you get up. Then refill the bottle and drink it steady until 6pm. Just get the water in.  Using the IP mangosteen and tangerine water enhancers mix it’s super easy! ( I just had 32 ounces writing this blog post)

If you feel like you are starving and you are going to cheat: Drink 1 L of water with your vitamins, Eat a cucumber with salt, have a large herbal tea with an IP mug cake. If you need more go to your IP  program packet … Did you miss something? Was it water, packets, veggies, vitamins.. Something is missing.. Find it.. Always log your food diary. This is where you can easily see what may be missing or what you were getting too much of. If you do not want vegetables you are not hungry.. You are just craving.. Give it 6 days and cravings will go away.. Have a slip up cravings are back.. You need 6 more days.

Establish Patterns and Routine. This will give you the biggest results for your effort. Eat similar foods.  Allow your body to establish a consistent schedule … things become effortless and just happen.

Be grateful for the program and  work closely with your coach. This is not a punishment it is a blessing. IP is the only thing that has worked for me as well as many people that I am fortunate to meet every day.. Good luck to everyone.. Enjoy the fat burn…

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