Spicey creamy tomato soup

Around this time of year, every 5 years, I like to do a reset for my health.  I had gastric bypass 13 years ago, and I do a quick tuneup… but this is my first time doing it since starting Ideal Protein 3 years ago… so this time I am using the Ideal Protein protocol to support my reset.  The reset begins with a few days of liquids.

I started my morning out with my chocolate drink…mid morning I took chocolate pudding, spinach, water and ice and made a yummy snack… lunch time… yeah… I was hungry!!!!

I made this awesome soup!  It’s 2 cups of riced cauliflower, 1 cup veggie broth (low fat low sodium… it’s lent so I picked veggie but you could use chicken!) 1 teaspoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons left over spaghizza sauce, franks red hit to taste, and 2 tablespoons Walden Farms bacon ranch dressing.  Heat up in a pan… blend in the blender…


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