First Day Back at the Gym


January 1st, I finally weighed less than 200 pounds. I was allowed to work out and do weights. However, I kept procrastinating for weeks. Thank goodness for friends that have been waiting for me to lose enough weight to do deadlifts and other impressive sounding things. I had my first day back at the gym a month ago and have been going every week!

I’m lucky to have friends that attend the gym regularly. My friend Eric has lots of experience and his girlfriend Lindsey was able to give great advice from a woman’s perspective. I was a nerd and wrote notes to share and took photographs. They also gave me a great video to watch to prep for our next work out and I ended up watching most of the series: How to’s with Mark Rippertoe. I definitely recommend doing your research and consulting with the experienced before any heavy lifting.


My notes from my first day:

Lifting Tips for squats:
Stick your butt out.
“Praise hell, not heaven.” – meaning look down, not up.

Bench Press:
Use the guides – don’t lift with your arms too close together.
Your eye line should be under the bar.
When lifting the bar should be aligned with your nipples. That way if it slams down it won’t crush your windpipe.


Lindsey showing us her tongue and how to use the guides and thumbs for placement. She is also showing how to cradle the bar and grip.

How to Spot:
Do nothing, watch.
Only do something if the person is struggling and help them rack it.


My friends also suggested I track my progress, so the next gym day I can try to aim for heavier weights. That day I completed:
45 lb. at 5 reps x 5 sets

Bench press:
45 lb. at 5 reps x 4 sets
Highest: 50 lb. at 5 reps x 1 set

Leg Curls:
6 reps x 5 sets

Overhead Tricep Extension (Reverse arm raise):
Left and right arm: 10 lbs at 10 reps x 4 sets


I am excited to do more! You are the company you keep and I am glad to be friends with passionate people that believe in continuously improving for the better. I am also a believer in surrounding yourself with those that have qualities you want. I feel so lucky to have found wonderful friends that continue to encourage and inspire me everyday. 



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